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Credits and Crew

Concert Credits and Crew

We’re most honored to continue Dick Wagner’s legacy by donating all profits to pediatric hospitals and care facilities across the nation. We send our very special thanks to our generous, passionate, and pure-hearted musicians and volunteers. Thank you for sharing your talent and time to bring the healing power of music to children!

Founder/Producer/Director: Susan Michelson
Chairman/ Executive Director: Howard Hertz, Hertz Schram PC
Associate Producer/Director of Development: Victoria Woody
Musical Directors: Paul Brown (2016 to present), Ray Goodman (2015)
Emcee: Doug Podell, WCSX Radio
Official Concert Program: Written by Susan Michelson; Design & Layout by Jon Gillies, Susan Michelson
Stage & Production Managers: Roger Burghdoff, Brian Major, Keith & Susan Irtenkauf
Stage Wrangler: Jim Feahr
Pro Audio: Tony Villarreal and Thunder Audio, Peter Thompson, Greg Snyder, Dave Bernas
Comcast Michigan, Executive Producer: Bill Harder
Orange Dragin Media, Producer: Wally Szczubialka, Director: Jim Sobczak
Co-Director, Playback: Tony D’Annunzio
Video Editor: Karl Rausch
Legal: Howard Hertz, Joe Bellanca, Hertz Schram PC
Camera Operators: CJ Johnston, Ruben Rodriguez, Dan Boyd, Craig Hebert, Comcast staff
WCSX: live streaming
Venues: The Fillmore, Detroit, MI; Motor City Casino’s Soundboard
Recording:  Thunder Audio; Gene Fiero
Sponsorships & Donation Team: Victoria Woody, Julie McManus, Mike Velasco, Anna Scherer-Wambaugh, Kathy Vargo, Cory Quigley
Art, Design, Logos, Graphics: Jon Gillies, Iron Street Studio
Backline: Charlie Block, John Kearney, Guitar Center, Hanson Pro Music, NV Rentals, Joe Bass, Nick Moracco.
Techmaster Stage: John Kearney
Crew, Guitar, Drum Techs, Support: John Kearney, Taylor Greenshields, Steve Wolfe Crate Shaker, Su Goodman, Dwayne Merritt, Chuck Hayward, Marian Krzyowski, Bill Farmer, Greg Gdaniec, David Stephens, Eric Turczyn, Tony Bizon, Steve Badalament, Tony Prisciandaro, Mary McGuire, Scott Kenerson.
Teleprompter: Vivian Shalal
Production Crew: Craig Hebert, Ronda Lee, Rusty Lee, Ryan Lee, Brandi Stribbell, Jeff Stribell
Auction Crew: Team Leader, Victoria Woody; Crew: Anna Wambaugh, April Machowicz, Carol Padilla-Bonilla, Carol Roucheleau, Cindy Dombrowski, DD & Howard Kethman, Debby Compton, Diana Bentley, Dolores Greaves, Gayle Wade, Geri Gillespie, Howard Bryant, Jacquelyn Stouppe, Jennifer Nitro, Joe Michnuk, Julie Nowicki, Ken Gilbert, Maria Heller, Michelle & Carl Lundgren, Natasha Vassallo, Pamela Stankevich, Patty Winslow, Shannon Randell
Promotion & Social Marketing: Don Richard, Victoria Woody, Chelsea Willis, Dream Domain
Transportation Director: Lisa Hichborn
Celebrity Chauffers: Joe Michnuk, Mike Velasco, John Bobby, Sally Omally Schroeder, Marty Rickard, Darren McDunnough, Cory Quigley
VIP & Guest Services: Jane Tate, Victoria Woody, The Retro Girls, Su Goodman, Rachel Cattell, Kyle Cattell, A Red Balloon Day Committee.
Catering, Donor & Guest Services: Team Leader, Victoria Woody, The Red Balloon Team: Tammy Riggs, Jennifer Meadows, Caryn Lesner, Guy Demars, Dorothy Owczykowski, Mike Milroy, Peter Veach, Tony Bizon, April Forbes, James Forbes, Sarah Puch, Chantal Graham
Merchandise: Jennie Clark, Angelika Schukraft, Alyssa Whittlaufer, Luke Smith, Cory Quigley, Su Goodman, Dorothy Owczykowski, Parris Charmai, Sally Omally, Ana Gomulka
Security: Ed Boguszwksi, EMB Investigations, John McGlock
Rehearsal Venues: DIME-Underground, Detroit; Connection Church, Canton; Magnetic Studios,  Pontiac MI
 Susan Michelson, Brian Major, Gary Graff, Stacey Sherman
Photographers: Robert Alford, Rick Arnett, Richard Blondy, Charlie O’Brien. Christopher Bjornberg, Dave Dudek, James Ferency, Steve Galli, Mick McDonald, Monica Morgan, Sue Plummer, Marty Rickard, Steve Sexton, Scott Sprague, Darlene Stanley, David Dillingham, Brad E. Shaw
Clerical: Stephanie Woody, Jennifer Nitro, Renee Robinson, Duane White
Ticket sales, Merchandise, Media, Guest Services, and more: Su Goodman, Victoria Woody, Guy Demars, Rachel Cattell, Karen Fernelius
Pre-production camera: Jennifer Dividock, David Dillingham, Jennifer Teed
Rehearsal Audio: Danny Fernelius
Youth Ambassador – ALI MCMANUS, singer/songwriter and personal advocate for music therapy.

WE DONATE ALL LEFTOVER CATERING to Brother Al Mascia, who feeds the homeless in Detroit and beyond., and to organizations that serve the homeless.

Special Thanks and Shout-Outs

Victoria Woody: Champion of all services—hospital services, catering, donations, auctions… Nothing happens without Saint Victoria!
Howard Hertz, Hertz Schram PC: for your invaluable counsel, your generous spirit, and your passion for the music and lives of children.
Bill Harder & Comcast Michigan: for donating–and directing–your talented camera and video team to memorialize our concert fundraisers.
Tony Villarreal, Thunder Audio for your stellar pro audio services and generous contributions to our productions.
Tony D’Annunzio: for screening Louder Than Love, The Grande Ballroom Story to benefit the Dick Wagner Remember the Child Memorial Fund
Karl Rausch: for your invaluable and brilliant edit for our concert video; for somehow taking seven cameras (approximately 25 hours of video) and editing it down to a stunning two-hour video.
WCSX Radio for your generous pre-concert promotions and for streaming our concerts live from the Fillmore and Sound Board in Detroit.
Marshall Block: for Co-Founding Dick Wagner Remember the Child Fund with Susan Michelson
Paul Averill for being the very first major benefactor of the Memorial Fund.
Jon Gillies: Profuse thanks from Susan Michelson for your endless patience and creative hours with me, developing graphic layouts, logos, and tweaking minutia for our Official Concert Programs.
PBS Television for broadcasting our 2015 Concert Fundraiser on public television!
To our AMAZING ARTISTS who so generously donated their talent: Learn More

AND TO OUR INVALUABLE FRIENDS: Russ Gibb, Artie Kornfeld, Jack Douglas, John Bradshaw, Julie McManus, Mark McManus, Mark Fried, Darren McDunnough, Warren Huart, Sam Martin, Jennifer Estrada, Tim Schmatz, Lynn Clark-Geiner, Launch Showcase, Mike Parisi, Grace Bauser, Bruce Rothschild, John Ackley, Lea & Alan Wolinetz, Bill Epstein, Bill Borenstein, Chasing Riots, Don Richard, Brian Pastoria, Alex Cyrell, Jennifer Nitro, Paul Brenton, Otto D’Agnolo, Victoria Woody, Jim Feahr, Edward Strong, The Dime Institute, and our many superb and invaluable sponsors: Learn More.

Dan Boyd


Karl Rausch, Tony D'Annunzio, Editor and Producer/Director of Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story and Dick Memorial Concert video.


Our amazing Sponsorship and Catering Team: Jennifer Meadows, Tammy Riggs, Cory Quigley, Victoria Woody, The Red Balloon Team.